The Introverted Activist

As an introvert who is prone to anxiety, most forms of traditional activism are uncomfortable, stressful, and sometimes terrifying. However, introverts are passionate people and crucial components of a social change ecosystem, and there is a lot we can do besides marching on the streets or participating in more intense and visible forms of direct action.

Image by Deepa Iyer, My Role in a Social Change Ecosystem

Increasingly, I do feel compelled to literally raise my voice and challenge myself to do things outside my comfort zone. In the coming weeks and months, I will explore that journey, as well as chronicle various forms of activism for introverts. If you’re an introvert too, I would love to hear your stories and strategies for fighting for what you believe in, and performing quieter or less obvious forms of activism.

A list of my blog posts on Activism for Introverts. Like me, this page is a work in progress–more posts coming soon!

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