Memoir in ‘E’

Earthworms and Earwigs. I was afraid to dig in the garden or nap in the grass.

Eavesdropping. I came down the stairs one night to get a glass of water and what I heard from beyond the door frightened me more.

Ebb tide. Carry me away.



Memoir in ‘C’

Cant (kant) n. 1. whining, singsong speech, esp. as used by beggars 2. the secret slang of beggars, thieves, etc; argot 3. insincere or almost meaningless talk used merely from convention or habit — to use cant, speak in cant — adj. of, or having the nature of, cant —

CAN’T (kant, känt) can not cannot can’t

I can’t

I can’t

I can’t

CAN  I’m trying to say you more. My tongue trips on your consequences. First I need to learn to say – and mean – I deserve.