A Festive Vegan Feast

Far from being restrictive, limiting, bland or boring, a plant-based diet is abundant and full of flavor, variety, novelty and possibility. We can not only survive but thrive without using and abusing animals. So when delicious and compassionate alternatives are available to choose from, why wouldn’t we?  For me, veganism is about what we embrace… Continue reading A Festive Vegan Feast

Activism for Introverts: Craftivism

The second in a series of posts exploring Activism for Introverts. As I swelter in the heat of summer, my thoughts turn to cold, rainy days and an excuse to sit inside on a Saturday with a cosy craft project. Since returning to reading and writing after a long hiatus, I haven't made much time for… Continue reading Activism for Introverts: Craftivism

Veganism of Color: Virtual Conference, 2019

I was excited to hear about the Veganism of Color: Virtual Conference coming up in September 2019. So I figured I'd spread the word and encourage people to explore the important work that the organizers are doing. The conference is FREE, but you must register to reserve your spot. Register: To register for Day One,… Continue reading Veganism of Color: Virtual Conference, 2019