These days, or parts of these days, I am writing a novel that, for now, I’ll just call “The Post Office Book”.

I write a lot of letters and postcards and very much think that counts.

Other hours of the day or month, I’m scribbling stories, or sentences and fragments that may miraculously tie themselves to one another and become a sort of story.



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    Took a fun embroidery class at @assemblypdx yesterday and loved it! (I’m definitely more Laura Ingalls Wilder than Mary when it comes to perfect, neat stitches but pretty happy with my first little hoop) 🌼 Today was weird. Like “I’m gonna go home and eat an entire fuckin cheesecake” weird... 👀 Help! How to stop time? Need answer ASAP. DM me. Thnx 🕰🍂 I’m thankful for my cats who daily teach me important lessons in patience, imperfection, and impermanence 😫🙀🙏🏻 Bad mom Successor 🍁 Brrrr sniffle sniffle brrrr ☕️ Left leaning? I dunno... When faced with a factual error and your response is “I like the idea, and we’re sticking to it” seems pretty alt-right to me 😅 Bee Culture magazine’s Letters to the Editor is pure gold 🐝 🍷🍂🍂🍂
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