These days, or parts of these days, I am writing a novel that, for now, I’ll just call “The Post Office Book”.

I write a lot of letters and postcards and very much think that counts.

Other hours of the day or month, I’m scribbling stories, or sentences and fragments that may miraculously tie themselves to one another and become a sort of story.



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    Nap-time truce: gives him hell whenever she's awake Caturday morning Game Over 👾 Pip Pips hooray for amazeball coworkers - thanks for the Friday pick-me-up @jordanblee22 ! ✨ Throwback to a lovely Springbreak trip to Tunnel Beach with some of the bestest peeps and pups ever ever ever 🐶 If I can get to Everest then I can work full-time, write a book, and have a social life right? Right...? Rest in poetry, Derek Walcott (1930-2017) Throwback to when all I had to do was spin around by a lake in Finland
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