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“Everyone in Portland is living a minimum of three lives. Everyone has at least three identities. They’re a grocery store checker, an anthropologist, and a biker guy. Or they’re a poet, a drag queen and a bookstore clerk.” 

 – Katherine Dunn  

My name is Deborah Rose.

I no longer live in Portland but I’m living lots of lives in this small, single body.

I am a writer, a backslidden woodworker, and a person who does what they do to pay the bills for now but wants a better way.

(I’m not ready to claim to be an activist but) I am learning and seeking and trying a new thing every day.

I have a degree in English & Anthropology, a Masters in Women & Gender Studies, and I still know nothing, not really.

I take pictures, I write letters, I cook.

I want to make more soap and sew good and knit good.

I’m an Irish girl living in Amity, Oregon because I met a Portlander while travelling in Peru.

I do my best to keep our chickens and bees and kitties alive and happy.

I garden, I fill the hummingbird feeders, I stare out the window and sigh.

I’m ambivalent, I’m selfish, I loafe. I don’t know that these are bad things.

I am also thoughtful and kind and want the best for me and better for you.

I read, I read, I read.

I sleep, and mostly wake again, dreaming sentences all my own.

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    January through March on my 2017 Temperature Scarf. I 💕 this project! You knit a row per day in a colour that corresponds to the temperature on that day. The wool I chose is pure Shetland, grown and spun on Shetland Isles. Shetland Black is 0-19 degrees, Natural White is 20-29, Sholmit (gray) is 30-39, Highland Mist is 40-49, and Green Mist is 50-59 degrees. As I knit through the months there will be greens and pink and gold and ochre to represent the hotter days. Swoon! Caturday. Veturday. Boostershoturday. NotVeryHappyDay. Sleepy time....if only that fookin chicken would shut up.... 🐓 She likes steamy mermaid romance novels best I would choose late-summer tomato cobbler over any other cobbler ever 🍅 I shouldn't allow this but the Irish in me is delira to have a beans-on-toast-lovin kitty 🇮🇪 #beansmeansheinz Looking back through pictures of all the many many hikes Ian and I, and friends, have taken in the gorge over the years, I realized that Eagle Creek was the very first hike I did with Ian when I moved here to marry him in 2010. It was October and the salmon were making their way to spawn upriver. And there were wildflowers and this little fuzzy guy and these smiles on our faces. I'm sorry salmon. I'm sorry trees. I'm sorry birds. I'm sorry bees. I'm sorry wildflowers. I'm sorry little fuzzy guys. You deserve so much better than us. Freakazoid 🎤
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