Me sun

“Everyone in Portland is living a minimum of three lives. Everyone has at least three identities. They’re a grocery store checker, an anthropologist, and a biker guy. Or they’re a poet, a drag queen and a bookstore clerk.” 

 – the inimitable Katherine Dunn  

My name is Deborah Rose.

I no longer live in Portland, but I’m living lots of lives in this small, single body.

I am a writer, a gardener, and a backslidden woodworker.

I have a degree in English & Anthropology, a Masters in Women & Gender Studies, have been all over the world and back again, and I still know nothing, not really.

I take pictures, I write letters, I cook.

I clean the chicken coop, fill the the hummingbird feeders, tell my secrets to the bees, love on the kitties and laugh with the ducks.

I embroider and knit and stoke the fire.

I’m ambivalent, I’m selfish, I loafe. I don’t know that these are bad things.

I am also thoughtful and kind and want the best for me and better for you.

I read, I read, I read.

I sleep, and mostly wake again, dreaming sentences all my own.