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“Everyone in Portland is living a minimum of three lives. Everyone has at least three identities. They’re a grocery store checker, an anthropologist, and a biker guy. Or they’re a poet, a drag queen and a bookstore clerk.” 

 – Katherine Dunn  

My name is Deborah Rose.

I no longer live in Portland but I’m living lots of lives in this small, single body.

I am a writer, a backslidden woodworker, and a person who does what they do to pay the bills for now but wants a better way.

(I’m not ready to claim to be an activist but) I am learning and seeking and trying a new thing every day.

I have a degree in English & Anthropology, a Masters in Women & Gender Studies, and I still know nothing, not really.

I take pictures, I write letters, I cook.

I want to make more soap and sew good and knit good.

I’m an Irish girl living in Amity, Oregon because I met a Portlander while travelling in Peru.

I do my best to keep our chickens and bees and kitties alive and happy.

I garden, I fill the hummingbird feeders, I stare out the window and sigh.

I’m ambivalent, I’m selfish, I loafe. I don’t know that these are bad things.

I am also thoughtful and kind and want the best for me and better for you.

I read, I read, I read.

I sleep, and mostly wake again, dreaming sentences all my own.

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    Took a fun embroidery class at @assemblypdx yesterday and loved it! (I’m definitely more Laura Ingalls Wilder than Mary when it comes to perfect, neat stitches but pretty happy with my first little hoop) 🌼 Today was weird. Like “I’m gonna go home and eat an entire fuckin cheesecake” weird... 👀 Help! How to stop time? Need answer ASAP. DM me. Thnx 🕰🍂 I’m thankful for my cats who daily teach me important lessons in patience, imperfection, and impermanence 😫🙀🙏🏻 Bad mom Successor 🍁 Brrrr sniffle sniffle brrrr ☕️ Left leaning? I dunno... When faced with a factual error and your response is “I like the idea, and we’re sticking to it” seems pretty alt-right to me 😅 Bee Culture magazine’s Letters to the Editor is pure gold 🐝 🍷🍂🍂🍂
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