My DIY MFA: 2022 Reading List

A while back, inspired by my friend Annie’s DIY MFA, I set some similar intentions and began to fashion my own ‘do-it-myself’ writing program. I came across Gabriela Pereira's DIY MFA and (eventually) became (reluctantly, cynically) open to creating an Essential Reading List that represents the area of writing I want to focus on. In my case, my… Continue reading My DIY MFA: 2022 Reading List

My DIY MFA: Running Into the New Year

Happy New Year, friend. Once again, I am sitting at my little writing desk on New Year's Day, bristling with the fear that 2022 will be yet another year when I fail to do what I say I'll do. Sitting at my little desk, thinking about all my old promises.... i am running into a… Continue reading My DIY MFA: Running Into the New Year

Ragtag & Sundry Sunday

A miscellaneous news and reading roundup (or: an enthusiastic summary of the most interesting, weird and worthwhile ways I procrastinated on the worldwide web this week). TRUTH BE TOLD, I drifted into another extended period of depression, and haven't been reading or listening to anything meaningful in quite a long time. Instead, I've been doom… Continue reading Ragtag & Sundry Sunday


I have long resolved the internal debate about whether I should or shouldn’t, would or wouldn’t do an MFA. Recently, I’ve been exploring an M.A. in Humane Education but, for the time being, that’s something I’m simply wishing into the world as I don’t have the time or finances to apply at this point in time. While… Continue reading My DIY MFA

Because Going Home Is Not An Option

On Sunday afternoon, I joined a hundred or so women in Alberta Abbey in Northeast Portland. What began as an invitation to a small gathering in a friend's living-room had expanded, within a week, into this bigger, sprawling, holy-seeming space with a stage and a ballroom, a balcony and curtained side-rooms, where we broke out… Continue reading Because Going Home Is Not An Option