Two Lovely Things, Briefly Noted

1. My first short story, ‘Lay Down The Dark Layers’, has been published by the Irish literary magazine, The Stinging Fly (hurrah!)

2. This anthology—Winged: New Writing on Beesis essential and beautiful and its existence in the world makes me happy (about some humans and all bees).


3 thoughts on “Two Lovely Things, Briefly Noted”

  1. Congratulations, Deborah. I read a terrific story about a beekeeping program for prisoners in The Sun a few years ago. It blew my mind how bees read humans, kind of like horses. I’m about to ship off a short story to Fish Publishing in County Cork. I made honorable mention there a few years ago, but didn’t get published. I’m happy for you.

    1. Yes! They can recognize individual human faces. My in-laws keep bees and they’re just endlessly fascinating.

      All the best with your submission! I haven’t heard of Fish, must look ’em up.

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