Ragtag & Sundry

A periodic news and reading roundup

(or: the most interesting, weird and worthwhile ways I procrastinated of late).

Mary Beard’s essay The Public Voice of Women in the London Review of Books. Read it. Read it now. Read it often. Read it until the day we can relegate its terrible truths to the finished and never-to-be-returned-to past.

I have been under the spell of William Dalrymple since I first read his work while traveling in India a few years ago. Under The Spell of Yoga charts the evolution of the practice over thousands of years. Everything he writes about, he makes fascinating to me.

Still not sure what to make of this “Did the CIA fund creative writing in America?” piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education. There may be some truth in How Iowa Flattened Literature but it’s difficult to trust it coming from such an embittered, disgruntled researcher. I read it and, for some strange reason, couldn’t get that Moloko song out of my head: If you have a cross to bear, it’s only fair that you use it as a crutch… 

So, technically, I am philosophically opposed to the title and implicit assumptions in the Art of Manliness blog. However. I will not allow my politics to prevent me from learning How to Survive Falling Through Ice, so I did take a quick peak at this quaint illustrated guide just in case I find myself in Minnesota in December.

That is all.


One thought on “Ragtag & Sundry

  1. Your reading mind seems to be venturing hither and thither and here and yon, and there and back again. Which is to say, you seem to be a person of many and various interests. Which means, you are a lot less likely to be lonely as you get older, because you know how to amuse yourself!

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