September 13, 2013 § 6 Comments

One final pimp for ‘Pull’.

I’m rubbish at self-promotion, it’s a tricky tricky art form. But I’m pleased to be published this month on Her Kind and I appreciate the emails and messages people have sent yesterday and today.

Check out the other ‘hair pieces’ (!) and share the love.

Thank you!

Her Kind


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  • A brilliant story Deborah, I love the combination of looking back at the same time as being in the moment and that thread of tension that runs right through it. Could definitely read more of this.

    • Thanks so much Claire. And thank you for commenting on the website too and supporting the little-read women’s websites of the world 🙂

      I enjoyed writing it – and there’s certainly a lot more to the story than I was able to approach within this essay’s parameters so perhaps I will return to it and tell the whole thing.

      Thanks again for your encouragement!

  • A very moving and evocative piece, I thought. It would be good to read more of your own prose on your website sometime; you have a real touch with moving imagery and a nice rhetorical line.

  • weebookblog says:

    I like the way you entwine and expose ‘acceptable’ hair pulling (waxing) – to ‘non acceptable’. Your words … ” It is all anxiety, fear, and self-loathing: the belief that we’re not okay as we are.”
    Insightful and somehow strengthening. As others have said , beautifully written.
    Congratulations for your publication in Her Kind.

  • weebookblog says:

    I’ve updated my email address.

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