Stream And Sun At Glendalough

I’m at home in Ireland for the month of August.

Early this week, I walked part of The Wicklow Way with Ian and my brother and sister. We wound our way from Dublin to Glendalough – a 6th century monastic settlement in a glacial valley – and lingered a day longer. It was so lovely.

Stream and Sun at Glendalough

This is a poem by William Butler Yeats, written there.

Stream and Sun at Glendalough

Through intricate motions ran
Stream and gliding sun
And all my heart seemed gay:
Some stupid thing that I had done
Made my attention stray.

Repentance keeps my heart impure;
But what am I that dare
Fancy that I can
Better conduct myself or have more
Sense than a common man?

What motion of the sun or stream
Or eyelid shot the gleam
That pierced my body through?
What made me live like these that seem
Self-born, born anew?

Monastic City, Glendalough


4 thoughts on “Stream And Sun At Glendalough

  1. Thank you for this lovely tribute to a beautiful spot, and welcome home to your own for a while (thanks also for reminders of the wonderful Yeats meditative poem–I always forget how much I like him, until I meet him the next time again). My favorite spot in Ireland was Kerry, but as I can see, I needn’t have gone so far out of my main visiting spot in Dublin to find both natural and manmade beauty.

  2. Oh, Ireland. I am finishing the final chapter of my first novel, Shamus, the protagonist just set out from Doolin into the Burren. Magical! Safe travels, Deborah.

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