Golly, it’s…

July 5, 2013 § 4 Comments

(Insert generic “golly it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog-post” opening sentence here.)

(Insert the usual reasons why here: ___________________________________________.)

(Insert an endeavour to do better here.)

(End scene.)



§ 4 Responses to Golly, it’s…

  • Very clever. But it’s such a delight to hear from you and to share the literary things you unearth that I really hope this doesn’t betoken cynicism (only a great sense of humor).

  • It ‘betokes’ nothing but laziness!

    It HAS been such a long time and I do want to start blogging again. I just feel like every few months I’m writing a “I haven’t been blogging and this is why…” post. It’s always the same: business, laziness, self-doubtiness…

    This time I just wanted to acknowledge the elephant in the room but move along quickly…

    ‘Proper’ post coming soon!

  • Why not restart blogging with short quotes? or a grew reblogs?

  • “few” not “grew”. darn tablet cyber keyboard, spell-checker….

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