It Will Not Be Able to Help Us

The New Poem

It will not resemble the sea.
It will not have dirt on its thick hands.
It will not be part of the weather.

It will not reveal its name.
It will not have dreams you can count on.
It will not be photogenic.

It will not attend our sorrow.
It will not console our children.
It will not be able to help us.

by Charles Wright.


There was a picture here. The bodies of four brothers and sisters dead in a morgue in Gaza. I took it down today, a day later.

I am sorry I put that picture of those dead children in my blog beneath a poem that cannot help them. I am sorry I used them to illustrate a point. They don’t belong to me. And they don’t belong in this space. I hope they are somewhere sacred.

Anyhow, I can still see them.




5 thoughts on “It Will Not Be Able to Help Us

  1. My thought is that I’m really very, very glad you introduced me to this brief poem, and that I agree with the inspiration/connection of topics which led you to see the “new poem” as symptomatic of what’s happening in Gaza, even if you later regretted posting the photo.

  2. Maybe you put it up out of shock. It is jarring to see a photo of dead children in the middle of our happy lives. Other people should see this so that they know that this is happening. Maybe that is what you thought. And then you looked at it there a while and felt sad. Maybe you took it down because it is hard to know the right thing to do in these circumstances.

    I share your outrage and your sadness. There shouldn’t be pictures of dead children anywhere. Ever.

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