Something Must Be Done


6 thoughts on “Something Must Be Done

  1. Are you kidding or are you serious? If this is the worst experience you have of book calling to book across the swampy in-betweens like trumpeting mastadons and bringing as many other books to live with you as possible, then I have nothing much to say. Except, this is how my desk and my table and under my table and my several book shelves and my bedside table and etc. and etc. and etc. look nearly all the time. You must in reality be a very neat and conscientious person who reads books and then gives them a good home, whereas I am my books are taking up way too much of the Earth’s biosphere as it is!

  2. I have to agree with shadowoperator. As I type this, I’m seated on a sofa next to six (count ’em!) piles of books that are sitting in front of a loaded and groaning bookshelf. We no longer have wall space for additional bookshelves so this is what I’ve been reduced to. My husband would be in hog heaven if my desk (and our dining room table) looked like that. Carry on, dear!

  3. It’s not the amount of books, or even that there are piles and piles of them everywhere (this is just one photograph in one corner of a very small loft that is overflowing). It’s that they’re on my desk. I really need to be able to sit at my desk. It’s the only only thing that stresses me out after a day or two. I am also the slob in my little two-person family Ellison. My husband despairs.

    But I love that you both are laughing at me and my paltry piles ha, I will try to relax!

  4. deja vu… my wife is all over my ass to organize my office. Nearly became a MMA match this afternoon. Actually, you desk is looking pretty good.

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