Ragtag & Sundry

A periodic news and reading round-up

(or: the most interesting, weird and worthwhile ways I procrastinated of late).

I haven’t been procrastinating so much as stealing short snatches of screen-time while my parents were in town. Not easy in a one-room loft where nothing much is secret or sacred. They must worry why I was in the bathroom so much…

But moving on!

They are homeward bound and I could settle down into a Long Read in peace, but I’ve somewhat developed a taste for these brief bursts of story and pleasure.

Like Staccato Microfiction – who are taking a break right now but will perhaps return if we all clap our hands loud enough. Don’t die faerie-sized wonder-fiction!

Also, I have just discovered these amazing things called “podcasts”. Have you heard of them? Marvelous inventions. Call me Ishmael. Call me Luddite!

Of course, I was aware of them silly, I just never remembered to listen to them till a very jetlagged Ma n Pa were snoring away in my little loft and I had a yen for a good yarn but didn’t want to turn on the lights or make too much noise. Thusly, I finally got around to listening to all those New Yorker Fiction Podcasts on my ipod, and thank goodness I did because I discovered the wonderful Bruno Schulz whose strange and enchanting story, “Father’s Last Escape”, is read and discussed by Nicole Krauss. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have found this writer, late to the party though I may be…

Speaking of stories ‘on tape’. Speaking of Ishmael. Moby Dick is being broadcast online, in a short, manageable chapter-a-day format, so I may finally get around to conquering the behemoth!

Yes, I am thoroughly converted to the little things in life and look forward each morning to The Writers Almanac with Garrison Keillor, and quirky book-quotes and matching-music at Literary Jukebox.

Short-lived, but so satisfying.

Leaving me plenty of time to fill with more procrastination so if you know of any little gems, do send them my way; there’s plenty more space in my brain for small!



8 thoughts on “Ragtag & Sundry

    • Radio is another thing that I always adore when I remember to listen to it. I always tell myself to listen to it more, but I forget because radio seems to be a thing you do while you’re doing something else – like driving which I can’t, or cleaning which I don’t – at least not if I can help it 🙂

  1. 1. I love that Hemingway story.

    2. THANK YOU for the link to the Moby Dick chapter-a-day site. I’m excited about that!

    3. Here’s a lovely little video I think you will like. It’s short and has a charming pay-off. https://vimeo.com/25034611 (You may have already seen it. I’m usually late to the party.)

  2. Saw Garrison Keillor at the Academy of Music in Philly about a million years ago. His story telling and humor never get old, in a matter of fact, neither does he…

    • I went to see a live showing of A Prairie Home Companion two years ago. We packed a picnic and sat on the grass at Portland Zoo while all of our friends did something much ‘cooler’ no doubt on their Saturday afternoon! It was so unabashedly old-fashioned and homely, just simple storytelling, humour and music, I loved it.

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