Eleven X 3

This post is a follow-up to my response to being chosen to take part in the Liebster Blog Award… thing.

I have asked some folks to do the thing I’m about to do.

Which is: Write 11 Things About Me; Respond to 11 Questions asked by the blogger who nominated me; and Pose 11 Questions of my own for the folks that I have chosen.

Sans further ado:

Eleven Things About Me:

  1. I’m really stuffed-up right now.
  2. My most often-asked question is: God? Sometimes loudly. God?! Sometimes softly? God? Sometimes in a sing-song voice like in hide-and-seek: Go-odddd?
  3. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.
  4. I can’t swim. I’m embarrassed by this.
  5. I can’t drive. In Ireland this seemed perfectly reasonable to other people and to me: a girl who grew up in a city and can’t afford a car anyway. In America, people look at you like you’re an alien or a moron.
  6. I am. I mean, I’m a legal alien.
  7. I walked a thousand miles through southern India, starting almost a year ago. I’ll always have that.
  8. I forget how to speak the Irish I used to speak poorly. It’s sad. I don’t know if I’ll do anything about it. I’d rather speak better Spanish, or Mandarin.
  9. Sometimes I don’t miss anything or anyone at all.
  10. I wish that I could sing. Or draw. Or just believe or not believe already, but pick one.
  11. I’m aware that I’m putting more than one thing in a sentence, making a mockery of the 11 things format. I’m sorry. Only eleven things is hard. Especially when it’s pieces of chocolate divided between two people. Even if you love them a lot.


Replies to Eleven Questions Posed to Me:

(By Janet at Popcorn Dinner. Hi!)

My favourite movie of all time is… I can’t do this… nobody can answer this question honestly and without serious internal wrangling. But everyone, everyone, everyone should watch ‘Mary and Max’, a clay-animated dark comedy about Australian 8 year-old Mary Dasiy Dinkle who one day decides to write a letter to a random stranger in New York City, asking him some questions she has about the life and world and everything. That random stranger is Max, a 44 year-old depressed, anxiety-ridden, overeater with Asperger Syndrome. It’s… Hmm. I don’t know how to finish that sentence. Watch the trailer and see!

My favourite city is: DublinPortlandBuenosAiresBarcelonaGalwayParisLuangPrabangNewYorkandCork.

(No spaces isn’t cheating!)

I was nine or ten years old when I realized there was no such thing as Santa Claus. And, yes, it mattered to me. Maybe I knew a while before that, but I had a little sister and I would have gone on believing as long as she did I think. My brother liked to taunt us, though. And one year, to prove that Santa wasn’t real, he took her into my parent’s bedroom and showed her our presents in the back of their wardrobe. I remember watching from the doorway, knowing something with no word for it was forever over.

If I won an Oscar it would be for… something ‘filmy’ I did I guess. I haven’t. I won’t.

If I could invite three famous people, living or dead to a dinner party, they would be: Amy Hempel, Sappho, Eve.

If I had ten minutes alone with my country’s political leader I would say “As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the world”. And watch him squirm and not get it, not get it at all.

The hottest (temperature-wise) I have ever been is. This is an ambiguous question. If by “I have ever been” you mean a fever, then I have no idea – the doctor took my temperature. If you mean “I have ever been in” then it’s the Northern Territory in Australia and a wicked 50C 122F.

This question reminds me of an embarrassing story, though: the clarification of ‘temperature-wise’. When I was learning Spanish in Argentina, I knew that the word for hot was caliente. I did not yet know that caliente is used specifically for food or objects. If you want to say you’re feeling warm, you should use the word calor, instead of “Estoy Caliente” as I was, trying to make conversation, on a bus full of horrified housewives and sweaty, grinning hombres: “Estoy Caliente” roughly translates as “I’m dead horny…” Language fail.

If I could have one superpower it would be to go back in time and prevent these embarrassing stories.

I have never had a surprise birthday party, nor do I wish to.

The first movie I ever saw in the theater was Disney’s ‘Snow White’.

My favourite thing to do on a rainy day is: read, write, make soup. Eat soup.

Eleven Questions from Me to Y’All (some inspired by Mary and Max, guess which ones):

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
  5. How?
  6. Why?
  7. And your favourite word is?
  8. And your favourite sentence is?
  9. Do sheeps shrink in the rain?
  10. If a taxi goes backwards, does the driver owe you money?
  11. Really?


Seriously. Really?


6 thoughts on “Eleven X 3

  1. Thanks Deborah for taking this is the spirit with which it was intended. I really enjoyed your Liebster-related posts. Your language fail story is great – thanks for sharing! And also, thank you for introducing me to Mary and Max. It looks both odd and endearing (two of my favourite things) – I’ll be on the lookout for it. And the taxi question is fantastic – that should prompt some interesting responses. Justifiable suspicions notwithstanding, I hope you had some fun with this!


    • I did have fun. A lot of the folks I chose are writers so I purposefully left my questions vague and open – the classic elements of investigative journalism and a good story (arguably… maybe people will argue with it).

      The taxi question is a classic from Mary and Max. I’d love to have the pluck to ask a driver reversing down my driveway to put the meter back to zero!

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Kept an eye on your blog for some time, and wanted to nominate it for the “Silver Quill”, yet another chain-award thing. Not sure if you would want the nomination though, considering you’ve just endured a Liebster marathon?

    • Hey Max, I think I’m gonna be a curmudgeon and not join in this time.

      But I also feel compelled to say thank you!

      And that, if I had to choose, I prefer non-rhyming poetry, MacBeth is my favourite play by Shakespeare but I can’t possibly pick a favourite author, I admire anyone who gets out of bed in the morning and does it all over again, my favourite album is currently Lisa Hannigan’s ‘Passenger’, I dislike no colours and most songs and poems make me emotional but especially ‘On Raglan Road’ which is a poem by Patrick Kavanagh and is sung so powerfully by Luke Kelly.

      Also, I wouldn’t describe myself as someone who doesn’t love the premise of your blog 🙂

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