Literary Journey.


Travel around the world via a bookshelf.


You will need a bookshelf containing books, as well as a pen and paper to keep track of your journey.


Choose a book from the bookshelf and commence reading. Continue reading until a foreign country is mentioned in the text. Then choose a second book that’s somehow related to that country and begin reading again. Repeat until you have either returned to your point of origin or have completed one circumnavigation of the globe (or a dead-end).

An alternative, and perhaps more conventional, approach to this experiment is to read each book from cover to cover. To create an itinerary, simply choose your destination – the Middle East for example – and start tripping around the region via its literature.

For serious literary frequent-flyer miles, start with an author from your country, then read a book by someone from a neighbouring country and continue until you make your way around the globe. Note: this long-distance read will require around 196 books.


*from Experiment 24 in The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel.  


3 thoughts on “Literary Journey.

  1. Where should I start if I want to read a great travel book about Ireland? Scotland? I await your reply but until then I must tell you what I just discovered thanks to you: I was born on Towel Day. Yep! May 25 is my birthday!

  2. Obviously that should say ‘wonderful’ in the first sentence!

    Also, let’s celebrate towel day and your birthday next year?! I’ll send you pictures of me in India with a towel and you wherever you are! Fun!

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