Home and Away & Just Around the Corner.

I was born indolent and never grew out of it in the way my sister was eventually able to drink cow’s milk. Which is to say, I love living in Old Town because I would likely never make it to First Thursdays in The Pearl district if we didn’t live right on the bottom lip of it.

Some things I liked this Thursday were:

Art inspired by authors at Benjamin Benjamin, a teeny tiny  gallery space on 17th & Lovejoy. The ‘muses’ were Kurt Vonnegut, Haruki Murakami, Roald Dahl, Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler, Willa Cather, Edgar Allan Poe and Austin Osman Spare.

My knowledge and understanding of art is… meager. I’m not fluent in its vocabulary and am self-conscious and tongue-tied when someone asks me what I think or I ask someone what seems to be – from the look on their face – a stupid question. I did overhear the gallery owner tell someone that she had to frantically brush up on authors and literature before the show which made me feel less dumb. Slightly less dumb…

'Got to be Kind' by Tim Doyle.

'Philip Marlowe's Telephone' by Casey Burns.

'Dahl' by Bennet Slater.

Original pieces of art (frankly, a postcard at a museum) is way out of my budget these days but I did pick up a copy of Faesthetic – a curious and thoughtful art zine curated by Dustin Amery Hostetler – while I was there. I actually chose a back-issue though the current issue looks swell. Faesthetic #12 takes the concept of Home as its theme which has been a preoccupation of mine long before I ever left Ireland. Like most art, it doesn’t provide any answers but provokes yet more questions. I like it.

I also liked – loved! – some wooden furniture, vases and bowls at the street-fair up on 13th. And I rather enjoyed a wine-tasting with my man at Corkscru (where we scoffed pretzels and paté and mispronounced the names of German rieslings and rosés). The things I love most in this world are made from plants and trees, it seems…

'The Search Undertaken' by Graham Kahler.

Finally, this drawing by Graham Kahler at the Pony Club Gallery on Everett was so adorable. We stopped by on our way home from the wine-tasting. Pony Club showcases young illustrators and printmakers and have some of the most beautiful zines. It makes me think of September and India and the sweetness of the word Away. And suitcase-packing and warm, lazy, plodding days. Which is to say, loafing and indolence: home or away.


What are your thoughts?

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